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Moving Mountains - Through The Eyes And Ears Of Autism

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"I don't look at having Autism as a disability, but more of a challenge to make me work harder to move those mountains that, so many times block my path to where I want to go"

- Grant Harrison

  • Will You Be My Friend?

    Grant always felt like an outsider to his classmates because of how his Autism made him so fidgety in school. That all changed after he was paired up with someone new for his school talent show.

    Through the Eyes and Ears of Autism will take you through this inspirational young boy's quest to make friends and hope that they can see him for who he really is and not about his disability.

    Created by Grant Harrison

  • Dad, Please Don't Go

    Grant tried his best to be brave,but just the thought of knowing that his dad couldn't stay the whole week with him at summer camp terrified him. That all changed with the help of his brother and new friends. Not only did they help him understand that it's normal to be scared of the unknown but it can also be exciting to try new adventures, especially when you have friends and family to help you.

    This fun inspirational children's book, based on a true story through the eyes and ears of Autism is a must-read for parents, teachers, and kids who also feel that they stand out in their peer groups.